Cleanroom Doors – Complete Information

Clean rooms have a greater risk of air contamination due to airborne microbes, chemical vapor, dust, aerosol particles, and many other environmental pollutants. So, the cleanroom doors are designed with the aim of reducing the risk of such particles and further creating a healthy environment in an organization. These doors are considered optimum solutions for the requirements in hospitals, retail environments, pharmaceutical and commercial units where the fresh air is required. Usually, these doors are custom made to suit the requirements of different industries.

The main purpose of these doors is to prevent the entry of pollutants and dust particles into the desired places and maintain the clean and hygienic environment inside. Therefore, these are designed to be insulated using the high-quality material. Doors of Clean rooms also come in different design options to choose from. Today cleanroom doors feature easy installation and easy to use functionality.

If you are about to purchase a cleanroom door, you should get familiar with certain key considerations. Such as:

Easy to install

Opt for the kinds of doors which are easy to install. Many door manufacturers design doors that are easy to integrate into any space.

Must Feature Sturdy and Thick Construction

Select a door for cleanroom that will be resistant to shock and bending. A thick door holds both reliability and strength. When it comes to the material of a door, aluminium is considered the best!

Greater Air Tightness

Accurate airtightness is one important consideration. For this, you can have a door equipped with double gasket technology and integrated sink gasket because these both enhance the airtightness.

Cleanroom Doors Should be Resistant to harsh cleaning products

Since rooms are exposed to a large number of germs, they need to have hygienic doors and should be cleaned with a wide range of harsh chemicals to ensure the greatest level of hygiene. Due to the regular use of such products, a door may get deteriorated in strength. To avoid such situations, you have to ensure that your cleanroom door is strong enough to resist the effect of any cleaning product.

Safety glazing

Getting a door featured with safety glazing and shatter-proof, so that it does not scatter when break.

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