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Our thoughts are with all those affected by this tragic health crisis and we are determined to continue supporting those who are providing essential services to the nation at this time of immense suffering, anxiety and hardship for so many. Stay Safe.

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We’ve also launched our TektaSupply online shop to provide essential supplies for manufacturing & logistics facilities including products to meet the requirements of COVID-19 Guidelines such as hand sanitisation, social distancing screens, PPE & Consumables and fever scanning units.

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5 Ways to ensure your Facility is Covid-19 compliant & invest for the Future

Whilst it’s absolutely essential to protect your people now, is there a way to ensure the investment will continue to pay off long into the future? We’re convinced this is the case through measures that meet the new requirements of operational life under COVID-19, but will also improve your facilities for the long-term.   Here are 5 suggestions for things you can do…

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Touch-Free Automation

The push buttons, pull cords & door handles that open hinged & rolling doors are a hotspot for cross-contamination, especially in high traffic areas. Why not eliminate them altogether? It is possible to quickly, easily & cost-effectively upgrade them with any of the below products to give touch-free operation of doorways. Please visit our TektaSupply Door Accessories shop or get in touch for more information

TOF Sensor

TOF Spot Sensors

It is extremely easy to replace pull cords with TOF Spot sensors. They are quick to install & offer ultra-reliable, no contact presence detection

Contactless Switch

Push buttons can be easily upgraded to Contactless Switches which will simply & reliably open doors with no contact required.

Radar & Laser Sensors

There are radar & laser sensors suitable for any type of door or application, with sophisticated adjustability & presence detection.

Door Automation

Upgrade manual doors to automatically open & close with our range of automation systems. This will remove touchpoints & increase usability.

LifeLong COVID-19 Package

Our new COVID-19 service package for doorways & loading bays is available to any business engaged in providing essential services at this time of national crisis. It extends our LifeLong program, including guaranteed call out response times, to any businesses engaged in essential work including in the medical, food, logistics & pharmaceutical sectors, as we are determined to do our bit to support at this critical time.

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Entrance Sanitisation & Fever Scanning Solutions

Hand Sanitisation is now essential in every facility and the best location for it is next to your doorways. The quicker & easier it can be made, the greater your compliance level & the lower transmission rates of disease & contamination will be. Entrances are also the best place for temperature scanning to ensure no one enters your facility with a fever

Automatic Hand Sanitisation linked to Access Control

Our revolutionary Clarisafe automatic hand sanitisation unit combines into doorway access control. Existing access control can be simply upgraded to ensure complete compliance with sanitisation procedures.

SentryScan Entrance Fever Scanning

Portable, self-contained fever scanning units for entrances

It is important to note that the HSE have not relaxed or removed obligation to keep up preventative or reactive maintenance on doors & loading bays. Failure to maintain, repair and inspect equipment within agreed guidelines leads to failures, damage and ultimately accidents. Therefore, it is imperative for the safety of your staff & facility to ensure these activities proceed

Scheduled maintenance, repairs and statutory inspections for doors & loading bays should be considered essential ongoing activities. We can work with you to carry this out in line with current government guidance & restriction.

Read more on our LifeLong Maintenance program

Pedestrian Segregation & Screening

Pedestrian segregation is already a major topic for many work environments due to the number or accidents each year involving pedestrian/vehicle accidents, so putting time and money into this now will meet current requirements and also continue to reap rewards into the future.

Prosafe Barriers & Bollards

Our Prosafe internal range provides a variety of solutions to ensure the safety of staff within industrial facilities.

Screens & Segregation

We have increased our screening & segregation range to help businesses meet the challenges of social distancing. Get in touch to learn more.


Signage plays an important role in ensuring your facility is compliant with current guidelines. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Upgrade & Invest

It may seem a counter-intuitive time to look at upgrading & replacing doorways but this is a good opportunity to improve your facility to meet the challenges of today & invest for the future of your facility. With current cashflow constrictions we can offer a leasing service to spread the cost of these investments (subject to credit approval)

See our Hygiene, Safety & Protection and Productivity ranges for ideas of products to upgrade your facility including our extensive range of speed doors & hygiene doors.

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Stay Safe and we’ll get through this crisis together.

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