Crash-Out Speed Doors

Speedy doors are suitable for the areas with high traffic and need flexible, durable solution for the harsh environment. These doors feature robust and reliable functionality so, meet the requirements of different environments.

Below, let us have a look at Where crash-out speed doors can be installed:

There is an extensive range of sectors and industries where these doors can be installed such as:

  • Food preparation areas
  • Industrial factories
  • Hospitals
  • Supermarkets and retail units
  • Coldstores
  • Warehouses
  • Postal sorting offices
  • Restaurants

What features make crash-out speed doors different from others?



Since crash-out speed doors are designed using the finest quality materials, these doors have the perfect finish and ability to suit any environment. Usually, these doors are made of stainless steel, which ensures corrosion-free and robust construction.

Available in multiple color choices to pick from:

Crash-out doors also come in different color options so, you can enjoy the opportunity of choosing one according to your color choice.

Easy to use:

Some doors do not feature a convenient opening and closing. But, this would not be an issue with the crash-out doors. These are quite easy to operate!

Require minimal maintenance:

Crash-out speed doors also need minimal or no maintenance for years. So, you don't need to consider a headache or spending involved in the maintenance of a door.

Quick in operations:

Crash-out speed doors are designed to be reliable in the areas where fast, unrestricted and regular access is crucial. With their high-speed feature, these doors can protect your infrastructure and premises against rain, dirt, extreme temperature and wind.


Crash-out speed doors come in small, medium and large sizes so, these can be used as interior or exterior doors. They can seal off a specific section of your unit from the others. In this way, they work in an energy-efficient manner.

Holds crash-out feature:

Due to this feature, the doors reduce cost and downtime as a result of vehicle impact. With high-speed, crash-out doors ensure a safe and clean environment, thus you can maintain environmental standards at your place.

At Tekta UK, we provide the safe installation of doors. So, you can consider our services if you want the installation of a crash-out speed door.

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