Sanidor MF hermetic sealing doors are tested and certified to provide up to 60 minutes fire insulation & resistance, as well as full smoke & airtight seals. As standard they have fail-safe automated operation.

The door leaves are constructed with a solid core, faced with high-pressure fire-retardent laminate . They have a rubber sealing profile on all four sides ensuring a complete air & smoke seal, with full certification for airtightness up to an overpressure of 100Pa. Further options available include fire-ratings, acoustic noise reduction and radiation resistant construction

The door leaves can be completely solid or include a range of flush glazed vision windows. The range is also available a wide range of ironmongery and automation options to suit the requirements of different applications

Key features/benefits

The Sanidor MF hermetic sealing fire-rated door range offers a unique combination of benefits that make it the best choice for fire compartmentation in highly controlled hygiene-critical environments

  • Complies to the highest safety & fire resistance standards
  • Safe & maintenance free
  • Certified hermetic sealing for smoke & airtight seals
  • Ironmongery can be configured to suit specific site requirements
  • Wide choice of options including radiation resistance
  • Bespoke manufacture of each door

Because of the good service received when we had doors installed, we chose to take out a service contract

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Vision Windows

Fire-rated vision windows are available in various sizes up to 600mm x 600mm.

Radiation Resistance

Lead inlay available for radiation resistance for X-Ray rooms and radiation control applications

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