Available with a wide selection of ironmongery options and hygienic finishes, these doors can be configured to suit any temperature-controlled application. The door leaves are high-density PU foamfilled(CFC-free) for maximum energy-saving performance. The doors frames can be constructed from extruded thermoplastic, PU foam-filled (CFC-free) steel or stainless steel to suit the wall construction and maximise the doors energy efficiency. Doors are available
with leaf thicknesses from 80mm to 160mm for use in rooms with a desired temperature down to -40°C.

All door models are available in finishes including: Stainless steel (circular brush finish; matt brush finish; or strip finish); Galvanized and painted to a range of colours; or from Galvanized steel sheet in white laminate finish. These finishes offer superior performance in terms of hygiene and corrosion-resistance, allowing them to be completely cleaned down to meet strict hygiene regimes. The doors have rising hinges to ensure a tight compression of the seals and help prevent wear on the bottom seal, resulting in excellent long-term insulation performance.

Key features/benefits

  • Wide range of finish options
  • Superior insulation performance
  • Hygienic and corrosion-resistant
  • High-quality, durable ironmongery
  • High performance seals
  • Safe and user friendly

The product is good quality and we are fully satisfied

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Option Packs

Several options are available to further tailor the performance of the door to bespoke requirements

Stainless steel

Upgrade to 304 or 316 grade stainless steel construction


Upgrade to fire-rated construction for use in fire partitions

Chilled area

Heating kit to prevent the door icing up in negative temperatures

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