Hinged & sliding doors are a simple, reliable solution for high-use openings both internally & externally. Stainless steel doors are ideal for hygiene applications.

Whatever the need, we’ve got the solution

We have a wide range of options for doorways where some level of temperature or hygiene control is required – whether it’s for a cold store, cleanroom or freezer to maximise efficiency and minimise costs

Thermashield Sliding Chiller & Freezer Stainless Steel Doors

Thermashield Sliding Chiller & Freezer Doors

Advanced sliding doors designed to provide superior levels of insulation performance

Thermashield Hinged Chiller & Freezer Stainless Steel Doors

Thermashield Hinged Chiller & Freezer Doors

Advanced hinged doors designed to provide superior levels of insulation performance

Sanidor Stainless Steel Laboratory Doors

Sanidor Stainless Steel Cleanroom Doors

High performance stainless steel hinged or sliding doors for clean and sterile environments

Thermashield Hinged Hygiene Doors

Thermashield Hygiene Doors

Stainless steel sliding and hinged hygiene doors designed for food preparation and wash-down areas

Traffidor swing doors - GRP Doors - Food Grade Doors

Traffidor Swing Doors

Hygienic food grade swing doors suitable for high traffic areas

Armasecure Steel Hinged Doors

Steel hinged doorsets designed to offer maximum durability and high security for a wide variety of external and internal applications.

Sanidor MH Hermetic Sliding Door4

Sanidor Airtight Cleanroom Doors

Hermetically sealed sliding doors for optimum protection of pressure controlled environments

Sanidor MF Fire-rated Hermetic sliding door6

Sanidor Fire-rated Airtight Cleanroom Doors

Hermetically sealed fire-rated airtight doors for fire protection in clean & pressurised environments

Sanidor HG GRP Doors - Teal

Sanidor GRP Hygiene Doors

GRP doors offer a great combination of durability, complete hygiene and impact resistance.

Satisfied clients include:

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Port of Dover

Dover Refrigerated Cargo Terminal

Tekta were commissioned to supply and install multiple loading bays, hinged doors, high speed doors, fire doors and insulated level access doors at the new refrigerated Container Terminal at the Dover Docks.

Installation for Dover refrigerated cargo terminal

“I am really impressed with the quality and design of the doors from Tekta”

Operations Director, National Cold Storage Provider

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