How to proactively reduce the risk of a hygiene breach

Oliver Moggach

Oliver Moggach

December 4th, 2018

04 Dec 2018

How to proactively reduce the risk of a hygiene breach

Anyone who has had to contain a hygiene breach understands the sheer amount of work that comes with it in terms of making the area secure, dealing with the fallout in terms of ruined products, and preventing reputational damage. It’s no surprise that making sure that such a breach doesn’t happen is the most sensible strategic business approach. Prevention is always better than a cure so how can you work on a solution rather than a fix?

Tekta UK are specialists in hygiene control doorway solutions, our TektaClean range offers many different options across pharmaceutical, food manufacturing and other areas where hygiene control is critical.

Take a deep breath

Many manufacturing environments in the pharmaceutical world require a low air permability to ensure that the delicately balanced products are protected. Changes to the environment that can come with frequently opened doors needs to be properly managed – this can be taken care of by Rapidor Pharma Clean Room speed doors as the high speed operation of up to 2000mm/second is designed for areas of high traffic.

As well as pharmaceuticals, cosmetic manufacturing needs to ensure the highest standard of sterile environments as the products are sealed within the factory and then usually applied directly to skin, making clean production an essential part of the cosmetic manufacturing process. With logistics and design functionality up for careful consideration, the high grade stainless steel door houses the motor and controls within the frame of the door itself. Not only does this make it a very neat product but it also offers less opportunity for any contamination.

Food for thought

For certain manufacturing processes, the emphasis is on controlling the environment at certain temperatures or air pressures but others require less precision and simply need to be kept clean, quickly and easily.

The Rapidor Food speed door range has been developed to make the process of washing it down simple and straightforward with a design that utilises sloped surfaces throughout to ensure the door does not trap and hold water or waste. Because the Rapidor Food Series is likely to be washed down often, it has been made entirely from both food-safe and corrosion-resistant materials and features IP67 rated controls. With a cleverly designed sloping top section, polyethylene channels on the bottom rail ensure that water drains to the side rather than dripping onto the floor from the base of the door.

Inside out

Many storage facilities, factories and laboratories have doors that access the exterior – this can require a step up in durability and strength. Armasecure H doorsets offer excellent functionality for both interior and exterior use but it brings with it the extra layer of functionality that you would expect with an exterior-facing door. The doors are constructed from galvanized or stainless steel and their air tight seals offer the high-level protection needed while flush vision windows make it easier – and safer – for co-workers to see each other as they move about the facility. While the Armasecure H allows automated access and high security, the Armasecure HM takes safety to the next level, with steel doors that have a fire rating of up to 4 hours. Armasecure HM come in a variety of finishes and can be used both inside and out.

When it comes to preventing a hygiene breach…

… the hard work has been taken care of

At Tekta UK, we’ve been working with many different brands and companies across a range of industries, including niche and highly specialised food production and pharmaceuticals. This means that we’ve worked through the issues that companies have to deal with every day and we’ve developed the solutions that they need to move forward, in the confidence that their business can operate as it needs to. We’ve developed responses to the problems that come with storage and can confirm that it works much better for any company to invest in preventing a breach, rather than clearing up after one.


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