Huhtamaki ready for a rainy day

Dan Moggach

Dan Moggach

December 21st, 2017

Huhtamaki Weather

24 MAY 2016

Huhtamaki ready for a rainy day!

It was a gorgeous blue sky over Gosport this morning; however in the event of future bad weather Huhtamaki are all prepared, following installation of our bespoke loading canopy to prevent weather damage to goods as they are transferred from the factory to their new Storage building…
Another basic step is to ensure that any powered doors are fitted with a manual override, so that if the motor or operator is not working for any reason, staff will still be able to operate the door manually to ensure the hygiene controlled area remains protected.

Steps to reduce the occurrence of hygiene breaches in problem areas
Here are some points you should consider if you have a particular area that seems to frequently have hygiene issues.
In other situations, the use of the doorway has changed over time, and the door itself needs replacing with something better suited to the current use. If you are not sure, why not consult an expert? (Hint: Tekta offer free on-site door assessments!)

Consider the benefits of installing an air lock (series of two or more doors) in problem areas:

  • Reduce the risk of airborne contaminants being blown in, as one door will always be closed, reducing air movement from the outside environment
  • Should a door or seal become damaged, there is another layer of protection with an airlock type system
  • Increased user awareness resulting from having to pass through an airlock to enter a clean environment


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