Charity Spotlight #3: The Felix Project

The Felix Project aims to fight food waste and food poverty in an age when no one should have to go hungry – Tekta are helping to raise money for this worthwhile cause.

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Tekta staff working in The Felix Project kitchen

Volunteer day at The Felix Project

Yesterday Team TektaCare completed a volunteer day at The Felix Project in Poplar. This included making up 1500 meals and unloading & sorting various goods for delivery to charities throughout London.

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Remembrance Day – 11th November

On the 11th November 1918 the Armistice was signed to bring an end to the First World War.

Tekta’s staff will be holding a 2 minute silence at 11am to join with millions of others in honouring the memory of those who died in the war as well as many others who have served since.

We will remember them.

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Charity Spotlight #1 – Rowans Hospice

When our team met to discuss which charities we should support for our Q4 theme – the first on the list was the Rowans Hospice. Rowans is a local charity to our office and they provide free care and support to adults with a life-limiting illness (as well as their families).

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Champions of Charity

Over Q4 the TektaTeam are supporting 5 charities as part of our ongoing CSR program. We’ll post more on our company page about each of the individual charities and keep you informed on how you can help us raise money to help these worthwhile causes so follow TEKTA UK LinkedIn page to make sure you don’t miss out!

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Q4 Team Meeting

We held our meeting on Weds the 13th Oct.  Along with sharing the company’s plans and strategies for the next quarter and celebrating a record breaking Q3, we launched our Q4 Theme – “Champions of Charity”.

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Tekta – supporting the UK’s critical industries through lockdown

Boris Johnson last evening announced another National Lockdown to help bring the Coronavirus pandemic under control in England and across the UK.  Tekta UK are fully in support of this move by the Government and will be doing all in our power to reduce the risk of infection, whilst remaining open for business as usual […]

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Tekta Knowledge Hub

Launching Tekta’s Knowledge Hub

In our Knowledge Hub we cover some of the common questions around our products and industry which we often get asked about using doors, loading bays and fire shutters in the logistics and manufacturing industry.

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Cleaning Door in UK

Tekta Lifelong the long game

Making a serious business investment isn’t something that can be done quickly, yet so many businesses stop their investment when the purchase is complete.

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Rapidor Impact

Rapidor Installed for Sachet Manufacturer

  A Rapidor Impact speed door was the perfect choice to improve hygiene and temperature control for this medical sachet manufucturer in Flintshire. Background: Walters Houghton is a specialist manufacturer of medical sachets.  The company is based in Flint, North Wales and operates a variety of specialist machinery to produce high-grade products.  Walters Houghton is […]

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18 years in business

It’s often said that it’s not the amount of time that you have to play with, but it’s what you do with it that matter. That can certainly be said of Dale Moggach, Managing Director of Tekta UK.

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Hygiene Control Door Use

How to Ensure Correct Door Use in Hygiene-Controlled Areas

Hygiene-controlled areas exist for the purpose of specific activities that require a very clean environment. These are often found in food processing & preparation sites, laboratories, high-tech manufacturing (e.g. computer processor factories), and healthcare facilities.

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This month it’s Safetember – The FLTA’s annual month-long fork lift truck safety campaign, running throughout September.

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new bays

New bays for award-winning food supplier

Hygiene-controlled areas exist for the purpose of specific activities that require a very clean environment. These are often found in food processing & preparation sites, laboratories, high-tech manufacturing (e.g. computer processor factories)

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clean room steel hinged doors

Rhokett – sneak preview

We’ve been working on an awesome project in Kent for Rhokett – A manufacturer of high-end desserts who are building a state of the art new factory.

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Supporting the Poppy Appeal

We are the ones who carry those scars of things seen, done and lost. We are the ones who must never let those who are not here be forgotten by the new

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Rapidor Impact for Griffin Brewery

Made of London Fuller, Smith Turners iconic Griffin Brewery is a London landmark dating back to 1828 and still runs as London last remaining family brewery.

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Rapidor Impact


GKN Aerospace is a world-leading manufacturer of aerospace engines and components. This project involved the construction of a building at their Cowes site to house an exciting joint venture with RollsRoyce.

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Clipper have been making magical teas in Dorset since 1984. Their existing loading bay had a folding shutter installed which was left open all day and then the opening was shielded as best as possible by some PVC strip curtains.

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fast acting doors


GR Wrights wide range bakery products have been renowned throughout many generations for their superior characteristics. Through a combination of skills and investment, the company continues to strive for product quality and value improvement.

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