Charity Spotlight #4: Crisis

Tekta Admin

Tekta Admin

December 2nd, 2021

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Stay Awake Challenge

Over 200,000 households in England are experiencing the worst forms of homelessness including sleeping on our streets, drifting from sofa to sofa or stuck in unsuitable temporary accommodation like B&Bs far away from their support networks. That means that on any given night one in 185 people are without a home.

To have this level of homelessness in a country that is so affluent is shocking to me.

I haven’t been affected personally by homelessness but I have always struggled when walking in town (any town) and passing people who are homeless sitting on the streets or seeing their tents erected outside of stations/stores knowing that this is where they will be sleeping indefinitely. My heart just aches at the level of it.

Any charity that is focused on trying to help give a new start or even just giving a safe and warm place to stay will get all of my support and that is why I have chosen this charity – you can see more about their great work on the Crisis website.

In order to raise money for Crisis, several of my colleagues & I are staying awake all night (as well as rowing a marathon!!) on Friday 3rd December – please support us by visiting our JustGiving page, any donation large or small will be greatly appreciated!


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