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May 10th, 2022

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Check out Tekta’s new team video

Filmed at our new office launch event!  Tekta’s state of the art office creates a great environment for staff including breakout areas, modern design, and even real plants!

Hear what staff think about our investment in the office and the fantastic TektaTeam, our family culture, and our purpose to provide “LifeLong Reliability for Doorways that Matter”.



Join the team, check out our Recruitment page.


    • Staff Day – Team Video
      Check out Tekta's new team video filmed at our recent office launch event! Hear what staff think of the new office, our family culture, and our Brand DNA...
    • New Office Launch
      Meon Valley MP Flick Drummond officially opened the new Tekta office on the 22nd April 2022
    • Tekta and Armashield merge
      We’ve made the decision to merge Armashield fully into the Tekta family, becoming Tekta UK Limited from now onwards. 
    • What are the common issues with high-speed doors?
      Your doors are crucial to ensure effectiveness. Because of this, we’ve listed common issues to look out for to avoid complications.
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