We work with a large number of pharmaceutical companies where hygiene and also temperature control can be critical to their processes and to avoid contamination. Taking into consideration the requirements of the total environment also in terms of productivity and saftey, we can provide a range of solutions to maximise efficiency, minimise operating costs and ensure all regulatory standards are adhered to.

Whatever the need, we’ve got the solution

Sanidor Stainless Steel Hygiene Door

High performance stainless steel hinged or sliding doors for clean and sterile environments

Sanidor MH Intelligent Sliding Hygiene Hermetic Sealed Airtight Doors

Sanidor Airtight Sliding Hygiene Door

Hermetically sealed sliding doors for optimum protection of pressure controlled environments

Sanidor MF Fire-Rated 3Sanidor MF Fire-Rated Sliding Airtight Hermetic Sealing Door opening

Sanidor MF Fire-Rated Sliding Doors

Fire-rated airtight sliding clean room doors - ideal for fire compartmentation & airflow control

Rapidor Pharma Speed Door

Advanced speed doors with hygienic design and reduced air permeability

Rapidor Dupli Combination Door

A self-repairing speed door and an insulated roller shutter in the same frame, combining speed, insulation & security

Rapidor Spiral Insulated Speed Door

A high speed insulated aluminium door giving speed, security & insulation in one door

Rapidor Sprint Bi-Parting Speed Door

Bi-parting speed door giving very high opening speeds for high traffic doors

Rapidor Air High Speed Freezer Doors - Layout

Rapidor Impact Air

A unique combination of a speed door with an air curtain system

Thermashield Air Curtains

Air curtain systems to provide airflow separation when doorways are open

Satisfied clients include:


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speed doors services

Rapidor Installed for Sachet Manufacturer

a specialist manufacturer of medical sachets required a door to provide temperature & hygiene segregation

Rapidor Installed for Sachet Manufacturer

I am very happy with the service. I have a good rapport with the guys that come out to site and they tend to be the same ones each time which saves on induction.

Shift Supervisor, Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

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