The most popular type of dock shelter features fabric side and head seals which adjust to the size of the lorry trailer and help to prevent ingress of weather and pests. For temperature controlled buildings shelters which utilise foam seals are a good choice, helping to greatly minimise energy loss.

Inflatable dock seals are the ultimate solution for energy efficiency as they seal tightly to the lorry providing a near perfect seal around the doorway and helping to greatly reduce air leakage.

Key features/benefits

  • Suitable for a wide variation in vehicle sizes & styles
  • Greatly improve hygiene & temperature control on loading docks
  • Heavy-duty & durable materials ensure longevity
  • Can be interlocked with loading doors & docks for a complete loading solution.
  • Helps to reduce heat loss and stop rain and dust from entering the building.
  • Bespoke configurations can be used for specialist areas such as chilled warehouses.

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