Our access products are all about making your business operations that bit quicker, easier, or more efficient. What happens to your productivity if a critical door moves at twice the speed it used to? Or you experience 50% less downtime on your loading bays? These changes could translate to substantial increases in net profit.

Whatever the need, we’ve got the solution

A wide range of dooorway options to maximise efficiency throughout your site


Rapidor Impact Speed Door

A self-repairing speed door designed for high-usage doorways

Rapidor Air High Speed Freezer Doors - Layout

Rapidor Impact Air Combination Speed Door

A unique combination of a speed door with an air curtain system

Rapidor Pro External Fast Action Door

Rapidor Pro External Speed Door

Specialist speed door suited to external doorways with regular through traffic

Rapidor Sprint Bi-Parting Fast Action Door

Rapidor Sprint Bi-Parting Speed Door

Bi-parting speed door giving very high opening speeds for high traffic doors

Rapidor Fold Speed Door

Rapidor Fold Door

Folding speed doors suitable for larger openings

Rapidor Spiral Insulated High Speed Door

Rapidor Spiral Insulated Speed Door

A high speed insulated door combining speed, security and insulation


Rapidor Dupli Combination Speed Door

A unique combination of a speed door with an insulated roller door, in one compact frame

Rollashield Steel Roller Door

Steel roller door for efficient security

Rollashield Max Rubber Door

Heavy duty rubber roller doors for use in extreme environments

Prodok - Telescopic Dock Leveller to Loading Bay

Prodok Dock Levellers

Hydraulic and mechanical dock levellers for all loading applications

Loading House with Telescopic dock leveller

Prodok Dock Shelters

A range of different dock shelter to improve temperature and hygiene control when the loading dock is in use

Prodok Loading Houses and Dock Equipment

External loading houses and other loading dock equipment

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7 Tips from Tekta on how to help prevent damage to your high-use speed doors – read on

high speed doors

Rapidor Speed Doors For Wrights New Factory

a manufacturer of a range of bakery products, they required internal speed doors for a new factory being built

Rapidor Speed Doors For Wrights New Factory

The install went well, the products are good quality and we were very happy with your guys work.

Engineering Manager, Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

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