We provide doorway solutions and maintenance for a variety of different environments.

Internal High Speed Doors

High speed doors help to maximise productivity throughout your site, including in areas such as Despatch, Hygiene Zones and throughout High & Low risk areas as well as Cleanrooms, Chillers & Freezers

Rapidor Pro External High Speed Door

External High Speed Doors

External speed doors need to cope with everything Mother Nature throws at them, whilst keeping safe & efficient, especially popular for level access doorways and airlocks.

Rolling & Overhead Doors

A range of doors designed for both internal & external openings, to save space, and maximise space & efficiency

Prodok - Dover - Dock Leveller Installation on multiple loading bays

Loading Bay Equipment

Loading bays are one of the busiest, toughest & most critical areas of a manufacturing or logistics facility, so you need them to be reliable & functional

Thermashield Hinged Chiller & Freezer Stainless Steel Doors

Hinged & Sliding Doors

A range of doors to optimise functionality & insulation levels in areas where temperature control is critical, whilst also minimising energy costs

Safety & Protection Products

From fire shutters to barriers and bollards we have a wide range of solutions to ensure your premises are safe and secure to protect your teams and equipment

I am really impressed with the quality and design of the doors from Tekta

Operations Director, Chilled Logistics

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