Rapidor Dupli combines a self-repairing Rapidor Impact speed door with a Rollashield Insulated Steel roller shutter in the same compact frame. This helps to save space and to reduce the need for supporting steelwork, as well as producing a neat and tidy finish.

The speed door can be used for regular through traffic and helps minimise maintenance costs due to its innovative self-repairing system. Out of hours and at quieter times the insulated roller shutter can be used to help save energy costs and provide security. There is a multi-function control panel and a wide range of electronic accessories, allowing individual doors to be configured to your bespoke requirements.

Key features/benefits

  • Unique combination of high speed door and insulated roller door
  • High-speed operation
  • Multi-function control panel
  • Wide range of electronic accessories
  • Minimal steelwork and sideroom requirements
  • Excellent insulation performance
  • Innovative self-repairing system and soft bottom edge.
  • Multiple colour options available

Good price…good execution… and a good quality product

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Dupli Door is Clipper's Cup of Tea

an issue with a loading bay where the doors were left open all day and therefore not offering any protection against weather or contamination

Dupli Door is Clipper’s Cup of Tea

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