Rapidor Freeze is a unique dual-curtain high speed freezer door system for high-use freezer doorways, with two PVC fabric curtains in one frame with a central 250mm airlock providing a effective insulated zone between positive & negative temperature areas. An efficient warm air blower maintains the temperature of the zone to prevent icing up whilst minimising running costs. The door also includes a heating kit for the side guides and motor, allowing the door to be used successfully at temperatures as low as -35°C. The combination of those features provides significant energy savings over traditional freezer doors.

Rapidor Freeze high speed freezer doors also have a self-repairing design with a soft-bottom edge, meaning that if the door curtain is hit by traffic then it will automatically reinsert itself back into the tracks when next operated. This helps to greatly reduce the cost of maintenance and repair with no downtime or emergency callout costs. The doors fast operation of up to 1800mm/second also ensures that productivity is enhanced and the reduced cycle time helps to reduce energy bills.

For high usage doorways or where there is a large difference between temperature or humidity either side of the doorway, we recommend upgrading to our revolutionary Rapidor Freeze Air door which adds an integral air curtain system for effective separation between environments when the door is open as well as closed.

Key features/benefits

The innovative design of the Rapidor Freeze means if is the best value solution when a reliable, high speed freezer door is required.

  • High speed ensures efficiency and low cycle time for reduced running costs
  • Multi-function control panel enables many operation & automation options
  • Self-repairing feature minimises downtime & repair costs
  • Wide range of colour options available
  • Excellent insulation performance for effective separation of positive and negative temperatures
  • Tested to 1,000,000 cycles for guaranteed durability
  • Reduces energy costs through innovative design
  • Allows safe traffic flow between areas with high temperature difference

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