The Rapidor Impact 200 high performance high speed roller door is a unique cost-saving solution for environments where doorways are in high usage and a good seal is required for environmental control.

The doors offer quiet and reliable operation and are available with opening speeds up to 3 Metres/ second. Rapidor Impact high speed roller doors have a zipper edge which results in a well-sealed door. This, combined with the speed door’s soft bottom edge also creates a door which is able to come out of the guides and then self-repair in the event of an impact from forklifts or other traffic.

An upgrade from the standard Rapidor Impact door, the Impact 200 includes a push-pull drive system which allows the door to operate at higher speeds and increases performance for external openings, even on windy or exposed locations.

A variety of safety features are available, such as; photo beams, safety edges, light curtains and traffic lights to comply with all European standards. The doors can be operated by; radar sensor, induction loop, remote control or push button and can be interlocked to suit specific requirements.

Key features/benefits

The specialist Rapidor Impact high speed door is designed for continual use with an innovative self-repairing function to automatically reset the door following an impact.

  • Cut the cost of energy wastage
  • Quiet and reliable operation
  • Opening speeds up to 3 metres/second
  • Tough PVC fabric curtain available in a wide range of colours
  • Door frames available in Stainless Steel, Galvanised & Powdercoat colour finishes
  • Wind class 5
  • Impact-resistant and self-repairing
  • Suitable for high traffic
  • Low air permeability
  • Excellent hygiene barrier
  • Wide variety of vision panel designs & sizes
  • Specialist variations available for freezer rooms, ATEX areas or air-tight clean rooms.

View the Rapidor Impact 200 High Speed Door in action:

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“The doors are fantastic, your staff were very polite and helpful and above all when called all problems have been resolved”

Engineering Manager, Major Beverage Producer

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Rapidor Impact for Griffin Brewery

At an iconic London Brewery, we were called to site to review how we could solve issues with their loading doors

Rapidor Impact for Griffin Brewery

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