Rollashield CD is a unique space-saving industrial door which combines the insulation and airtightness of a sectional door with the headroom requirements of a roller door. The doors stack at the head of the opening with smooth and quiet operation. The doors offer a high level of insulation performance and security as well as being simple to fit into a wide range of building designs with minimum steelwork or structural requirements.

Rollashield CD doors are quiet to operate and low maintenance.  The doors are electrically operated via high-performance industrial motors and have a range of safety features including fall-safe devices and manual overrides. A wide range of control options can be specified to maximise the doors usability. The 40mm insulated panels offer a U-Value as low as 0.76 W/M2K and sound reduction of 20 dB as well as tested air permeability and water penetration of Class 2. Security performance is excellent with an automatic anti-lift locking device.

The composite insulated panels are available in eight standard colours or can be painted to a wider range of RAL colours to blend with the buildings architecture. Also available are insulated vision windows or architectural glazed and aluminium panels which are a popular choice for vehicle workshops, allowing plenty of daylight into the working area. They can be fitted with integral personnel doors to facilitate pedestrian traffic with minimal energy loss.

Key features/benefits

The Rollashield CD compact door is designed to provide excellent thermal performance and air-tightness for external doorways, combined with minimal headroom requirements.

  • Minimal headroom required
  • Quiet & reliable
  • Excellent insulation & air-tight performance
  • Range of vision panel options available
  • Stainless steel hinges & rubber seals
  • Panels constructed from lightweight aluminium
  • Range of colour finishes available
  • Automatic locking system for extra security

Competitive price. Efficient installation

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