Rollashield Sectional doors offer superior resistance to all weather conditions; along with offering security and excellent insulation. These qualities, combined with simple and efficient operation makes them a popular choice for external doorways on temperature-controlled buildings. Sectional overhead doors have the advantage of having no areas of cold bridging to satisfy Building Regulations for new buildings. The panels typically achieve a U-value of 0.51 W/m²K, or an upgraded 80mm panel is available giving performance of 0.24 W/m²K. Also available are insulated vision windows or architectural glazed and aluminium panels which are a popular choice for vehicle workshops, allowing plenty of daylight into the working area.

The doors are available with manual or motorised operation along with a variety of control methods. SD doors can also be fitted with integral personnel doors to facilitate pedestrian traffic with minimal energy loss. Sectional overhead doors are available with back tracks for many applications; for instance to follow the roof pitch, rise vertically above the door or in low headroom form requiring only 250 mm of headroom.

Key features/benefits

  • Excellent insulation performance
  • Fire-safe panels give improved fire resistance performance
  • Secure & reliable external doors
  • High quality electrical motor provides durability and safe performance as well as quiet operation.
  • Tested air permeability and wind load performance
  • Low headroom options
  • Weighted sound reduction of 25dB.
  • Kingspan colour range allows doors to be matched in with many common cladding colours.

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Option Packs

Several options are available to further tailor the performance of the door to bespoke requirements

Bespoke track configurations

The track design can be tailored for special requirements such as obstructions or limited headroom

Increased speed

Faster opening options available with upgraded design and motors

Wind Load

Upgrades to increase the wind resistance

Chilled area

Heating kit for installation in cold stores & chilled areas


Explosion proof specification components & design

Fire & Acoustic ratings

Fire or acoustic rated doors are available for specialist applications

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