Sanidor Stainless Steel doors are precision-manufactured to suit the most demanding and rigorous of environments. Available as both hinged or sliding doors, with options for manual or automated operation.

The doors are constructed from high-grade stainless steel and the door leaves have a high-density injected foam core for insulation & durability. All joints are fully welded which ensures the doors are very rigid and also prevents ingress of any bacteria or fluids inside the leaf. Each door is manufactured specifically for the project and is therefore suited exactly to the environment, wall thickness and traffic flow.

The door leaves can be completely solid or include a range of flush glazed vision windows and both the frames and leaves can be finished in brush steel or a variety of paint colours. Available in both single and double leaf designs  and with a wide range of ironmongery and automation options to suit the requirements of differnet applications


Key features/benefits

The Sanidor Stainless Steel range is specifically designed to offer maximum durability without comprimising on hygiene performance for sterile areas

  • Superior hygiene barrier
  • Safe & maintenance free
  • Fully welded joints to help prevent any build up of bacteria
  • Wide choice of finishes
  • Can be manual or automated
  • Ironmongery can be configured to suit specific site requirements
  • Wide choice of flush vision windows
  • Bespoke manufacture of each door

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