The SentryScan is a unique portable, self-contained unit which is delivered ready to plug in and go.  Designed for companies who want to go over and above to keep their staff, customers, suppliers and contractors safe on site it can be readily positioned with the only requirements being a level hardstanding and a power supply.

Available as a standard (2 door) unit allowing 12 persons to be scanned each minute, or double (4-door) unit allowing 24 persons to be scanned every minute.  SentryScan provides a safe, reliable way to reduce the risk of infection and provides additional peace of mind for staff.

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Advantages of the SentryScan

Safe – Prevent infected persons from entering your premises

Peace of Mind – for staff & customers that you are doing all you can to keep them safe at work

Hygienic – Contactless process using advanced temperature scanning with no need to touch anything

Guaranteed – Unit is provided with visual guidance for absolute clarity and the alert is raised immediately.  Temperature scanning needs to be carried out in a controlled environment so the alternative is inside your premises.

Fast – 12-24 persons every minute to help maintain productivity

Affordable – Purchase, hire or lease options, the unit can be used long-term for preventing any infectious spread not just Covid-19.  Most importantly the unit helps to reduce the risk of your business having to close down due to infection.

Hassle-free – The unit is delivered ready to go, complete with signage board, desk, operators chair, power socket and pre-loaded laptop.


SentryScan - rear view

Where can it be Used? – Factories, Warehouses and other sites, positioned at strategic locations to ensure all persons have to pass through it before gaining entry.

Optional Extras:

Technical upgrade – We can add facial recognition, stranger alarm, voice broadcas & mask detection.  Flow counter cameras and software are also available.

Level Access – Entry & Exit ramps are available

Branded Signage – To uphold your corporate identity

Hygiene Equipment – Face mask dispensers or hand sanitisers including Clarisafe can be added

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