Constructed using heavy-duty stainless or galvanised steel with a high density foam core and a rigid frame, Thermashield HD offers the ultimate corrosion-resistant hinged hygiene door for both internal and external use. The specialist design & materials results in a door which is highly resistant to moisture, acid, chemicals, fats and rodents to create a long-lasting door suitable for regular wash-down.

The doors can be constructed with vision windows to ensure DDA compliance and operator safety. Customers also have the option of impact-proof cladding to prevent damage from push trucks and trolleys. A wide selection of ironmongery is available to suit the doorway’s use and optimise performance.

All door models are available in finishes including: Stainless steel (circular brush finish; matt brush finish; or strip finish); Galvanized and painted to a range of colours; or from Galvanized steel sheet in white laminate finish. These finishes offer superior performance in terms of hygiene and corrosion-resistance, allowing them to be completely cleaned down to meet strict hygiene regimes.

Key features/benefits

  • Wide range of finish options
  • Automated option for sliding doors
  • Hygienic and corrosion-resistant
  • High-quality, durable ironmongery
  • High performance seals
  • Superior insulation performance
  • Safe and user friendly

Competitive price. Efficient installation

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Option Packs

Stainless steel

Upgrade to stainless steel construction, recommended for high traffic areas. Variety of finishes available including brushed.

Anti-crash Buffers

Wide variety of anti-crash buffers available to protect the doors from impact damage. The buffers can be supplied in a variety of heights and greatly help to reduce damage to the doors.


Wide variety of ironmongery available including automated operation, fire escape hardware and access control

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