The range offers optimum performance in terms of: insulation; durability; and ease of use with purpose-built frames, tracks and ironmongery. The doors help maintain excellent safety levels by reducing ice build-up around doorways and on the floor.

Both manual and powered models and a wide selection of ironmongery options are available so these doors can be suited to any application. Finishes include stainless steel, laminated and various colour coatings. The doors have full perimeter seals to ensure leakage is minimised and are also available with heated thresholds for freezer room applications. A choice of tracks is available which include a unique piperail system which utilises a stainless steel tube and large nylon rollers for a very reliable and durable track which is also much easier to clean and maintain than more traditional tracks. Other track options include enclosed stainless steel hygienic systems and options to facilitate crane hoists and conveyor systems.

The door leaves are constructed from rigid steel panels filled with high-density PU foam (CFC-free) for maximum energy-saving capability. The doors have frames which can be constructed from extruded thermoplastic, PU foam-filled (CFC-free) steel or stainless steel to suit the wall construction and ensure the doors suitability for the environment.

Key features/benefits

  • Wide range of finish options
  • Automated option
  • Hygienic and corrosion-resistant
  • Hygienic piperail track option
  • High-quality, durable ironmongery
  • High performance seals
  • Superior insulation performance
  • Safe and user friendly

The install went well, the products are good quality and we were very happy with your guys work.

Engineering Manager, Pharmaceutical Distributor

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