Some things cannot be compromised on and, for many of our clients, hygiene is one of these things. For companies carrying out sensitive activities such as the manufacture of food or pharmaceutical products in clean room environments, hygiene & air flow control are a critical business issue and contribute significantly to bottom line results.

Whatever the need, we’ve got the solution

We have a range of doorway options providing superior hygiene barriers for clean room applications, including areas of high traffic.

Rapidor Pharma Cleanroom Rapid Roll Door | Laboratory Doors

Rapidor Pharma High Speed Roller Doors

Advanced speed doors with hygienic design and reduced air permeability for clean room applications

steel doors

Sanidor Stainless Steel Cleanroom Doors

High performance stainless steel hinged or sliding doors for clean and sterile environments

Sanidor MH Hermetic Sliding Door4

Sanidor Airtight Cleanroom Doors

Hermetically sealed sliding doors for optimum protection of pressure controlled environments

Sanidor MF Fire-rated Hermetic sliding door6

Sanidor Fire-rated Airtight Cleanroom Doors

Hermetically sealed fire-rated airtight doors for fire protection in clean & pressurised environments

Sanidor HG GRP Doors - Grey

Sanidor GRP Cleanroom Doors

GRP doors offer a great combination of durability, complete hygiene and impact resistance for clean facilities

Satisfied clients include:


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Rapidor Impact

High Speed Doors for GKN Aerospace

The project involved several controlled clean room areas requiring high speed doors for GKN Aerospace, a world-leading manufacturer of aerospace engines and components.

High Speed Doors for GKN Aerospace

Really great service start to finish and the company have been very accommodating

Operations Manager, Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

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