What are High Speed Doors?

High Speed Doors are an evolution of the traditional roller shutter door (hence the alternative name they are often given of Rapid Roll Doors). They are primarily designed to give higher operating speeds, improved sealing and sustain a higher number of opening & closing cycles than traditional roller shutters, without compromising reliability & durability. To achieve this they generally have a strengthened drivetrain, strong but lightweight PVC curtain (usually with a vision window for visibility) and a high speed industrial motor. Usually they will roll up vertically to top of the doorway though there are specialist bi-parting horizontally opening variations available like the Rapidor Sprint .

What are High Speed Doors Used For?

They are primarily used in commercial & industrial environments where they improve the efficiency, productivity and safety of doorways through their combination of high speed, improved sealing, increased visibility and suitability for high numbers of operating cycles. Tekta’s comprehensive range of high speed doors offers a wide range of variations for many specialised applications from busy warehouse loading doors, to washdown areas, freezers and cleanrooms. A wide range of automation options are available, for more details see our guide to activation options for speed doors.

Internal Speed Doors

There are a wide range of internal speed doors available to meet the many different requirements of industrial & commercial facilities. These include variations optimised for high traffic areas, food-grade hygiene environments, reduced air permeability cleanrooms  or the demands of -20 degree coldrooms. Our range below offers solutions for all these environments and more:

Rapidor Impact Rapid Roll Door

Rapidor Impact Speed Door

A self-repairing high speed door for high-use doorways, helping to reduce damage & maintenance costs & downtime

Rapidor Impact Food Grade Speed Door

Rapidor Food High Speed Door

Food grade rapid roll doors designed for use in food preparation & wash-down areas

Rapidor Impact Air High Performance Doors with Integral vertical air curtain - plan view

Rapidor Impact Air Combination Speed Door

A unique combination of a speed door with an air curtain system

Rapidor Sprint Bi-Parting High Speed Door

Rapidor Sprint Bi-Parting Speed Door

A side-opening door which gives very high opening speed, helping the flow of people & traffic

Rapidor Pharma Cleanroom Rapid Roll Door | Laboratory Doors

Rapidor Pharma Cleanroom Doors

Advanced speed doors with hygienic design and reduced air permeability for clean room applications

Rapidor Pro External Rapid Roll Door

Rapidor Pro Speed Door

A heavy-duty reliable fast action door well-suited to busy corridors or machinery access areas

Rapidor Freeze High Speed Freezer Doors

Rapidor Freeze High Speed Freezer Door

A specialist dual-curtain speed door with built-in heater system making the door suitable for high-use freezer openings

Rapidor Air High Speed Freezer Doors - Layout

Rapidor Freeze Air Combination Freezer Door

The ultimate high-speed freezer door combining a dual curtain speed door with an air curtain system

External Speed Doors

The main difference with external speed doors is that they must offer improved wind & weather resistance over internal doors. Other key considerations include the level of security and insulation that the door needs to provide. All four of these considerations aren’t an easy fit with constructing lightweight high speed doors, so require well-thought out and well-engineered solutions, like those set out in our range below:

Rapidor Spiral Insulated High Speed Door

Rapidor Spiral Insulated Speed Door

A high speed insulated door, combining speed, security and insulation

Rapidor Fold Speed Door

Rapidor Fold External Speed Door

Folding speed doors with high wind resistance, making them a great choice for larger external openings

Rapidor Sprint Bi-Parting Fast Action Door

Rapidor Sprint Bi-Parting Speed Doors

These doors open to the side increasing their opening speed so they are well suited to busy doorways

Rapidor Pro External Fast Action Door

Rapidor Pro External Speed Door

Specialist fast action door, well suited to busy external doorways

Rapidor Dupli Combination High Speed Door and Insulated Roller Door

Rapidor Dupli Combined Speed Door

A rapid roll door combined with an insulated roller shutter, all in the same frame for speed, security and insulation all in one

Rapidor Impact Self-Repairing Speed Door

Rapidor Impact

A self-repairing speed door designed for busy traffic routes, reducing maintenance & downtime

Rapidor Impact Air High Performance Doors with Integral vertical air curtain - plan view

Rapidor Impact Air Combination Door

A unique combination of a speed door with an air curtain system for improved temperature & hygiene control


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Rapidor Dupli Combination High Speed Door and Insulated Roller Door

Dupli Door is Clipper's Cup of Tea

Clipper Tea have been making magical teas in Dorset since 1984. They had a loading bay where the doors were left open all day and therefore not offering any protection against weather or contamination.

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