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At Tekta it's really all about you, our client. Doors can truly make a difference to your life and success!  Bold statement maybe, however doors affect such critical aspects of your business as hygiene and temperature control; productivity; and the safety of your workforce. With intelligent planning and specification doors can really work for you, helping you meet your critical business objectives in areas such as: compliance, productivity, cost-control and efficiency.



Tekta is a family-run company where we take ethics and moral values seriously – integrity, honesty, reliability, accountability and teamwork are the words we live by.  We're a friendly team and we like to have some fun.  We would have to admit that we're (just a little bit) obsessed with doors too!


Why HPD's?

High Performance Doorways is our byword.  Why Doorways and not Doors you might ask, because it's the doorway that matters.  Without doorways, nothing much would happen, right?  At Tekta we are passionate about making our client's doorways perform as effectively as they possibly can in terms of Temperature & Hygiene control, Productivity, and Safety.



It's difficult to be good at everything so we've chosen to be really good at working with manufacturing, service and logistics industries such as: food, beverage, pharmaceutical & cosmetics manufacture & distribution; high-tech composites & electronics manufacturing; temperature-critical logistics; automobile & aerospace manufacturing; and medical, science & R&D facilities.


About You… Again

So how can we help with your door requirements?  Our work extends from large and complex new build products, through to simple installations, as well service and repair.  Every project is a fresh challenge; there is no "one size fits all" and our ultimate satisfaction is gained when you prove that Tekta doors really do make a difference.

See what some of our clients say.


Some things cannot be compromised on, and for many of our clients, hygiene is one of these things. For companies carrying out hygiene-sensitive activities such as the manufacture of food or pharmaceutical products, hygiene control is a critical business issue and contributes significantly to bottom line results.

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If your business involves temperature-critical processes or storage; then selecting the right doors is a choice you really cannot afford to get wrong. Add to this the fact that for many of our clients energy costs are one of their biggest operating expenses, and that's why our TEKTATherm range is so important.



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Safety First, they say, and it should always be true. Doorways are potentially a very hazardous area with different types of motorised traffic, pedestrians, raised areas and blind corners. Let us help you keep your workplace safe and your workforce happy with our TEKTASure range of safety and security products.



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Our access products are all about making your business operations that bit quicker, easier, or more efficient. What happens to your productivity if a critical door moves at twice the speed it used to? Or you experience 50% less downtime on your loading bays? These changes could translate to substantial increases in net profit.



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It is essential that your doors are cared for throughout their lifespan to maximise their usefulness, safety and reliability to you. We know the inconvenience, expense and frustration caused by doors failing through neglect and lack of maintenance which is why we want to ensure this need never happen again. With our programme of exclusive LifeLong offers and benefits you will have the peace of mind that your doorways are in safe hands and cost and disruption will be minimised.



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At TEKTA we believe it is essential that your doors perform in terms of providing payback and helping you achieve your objectives. Our consultants can help to achieve this and we offer a variety of services including energy efficiency audits and health checks. We will analyse elements including: energy efficiency; productivity; safety; and reliability. From this our recommendations may be able to help you dramatically reduce costs.


After-sales service including planned and reactive maintenance is an essential element of ensuring your doorway's performance is optimised throughout their lifetime. Our LifeLong service includes the provision of detailed planned service visits at regular intervals to suit your door's usage, importance and type in order to ensure compliance and reduce unexpected costs. Reactive maintenance includes emergency call outs and remedial repairs.



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